Modern Sadness

by Fil Corbitt

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released May 10, 2014

Fil Corbitt: Banjo/Vocals
Kent Irwin: Ukeguitar/Fiddle/Vocals
Andrew Martin: Guitar/Vocals

Recorded and Produced by Sonny Rosenberg
at Valley Arts Research Facility
with help from Christopher Gibson.
Cover photo taken by Kent Irwin
Layout by Fil and Mike Corbitt.
Covers printed by Reno Type.



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Fil Corbitt Nevada

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Track Name: Spitting Blood
I'll be the slime on the backs of your teeth
I'll be the cuts on the soles of your feet
I'll be the knife worn through your sheath
I'll be the dry rot at the base of the trees

I'll be the bloodstains in your sheets
I'll be the aphids in your wheat
I am the scabs on the soles of your feet
I am the cuts in the gaps of your teeth

I'm spitting blood, these swollen gums are getting softer.
I'm spitting blood, pools in my hands lands near my feet.
Track Name: Verga for the 3rd
I hear the snow
Let it bury, leave us stuck in this hole
We light a fire
We burn away the dust

I feel the rain
Pull us further apart
I'm gonna light some fires
I'll burn away the dust
Track Name: A Climb from Innocence
What's with all those things you said to me?
I know you've never pulled a punch.
And why is everything I say - so wrong

What's with all those things that made you sad?
You know you thought them on a hunch.
I don't believe the things you told yourself.

But what if all we are is faking it?
Not "What if" I think the same
and what I'm saying is you've done me wrong
and I'm just blaming you to blame.

Yes I'm just blaming you to blame.

And so that punch I've never thrown so hard
I guess I do that in my sleep
And so that punch I've never thrown at all
It's just a quiet thing to think

A subtle slip and then I'm gone to you
And I thought I played your game.
But I know I climbed from innocence
And I'm just blaming
you to blame.
Track Name: Truck Again
Living in my truck again
feeling's not setting in, oh no.
Found a yard yeah I found a friend
Found a place I can leave my bed for now.
You're dealing with a broken heart
A place you've been at since the start, oh no
You're looking for a bug to catch
Looking for something to latch onto.

You spent some time out on the road
Said that you were never coming home.
But the nights they got too long.
You moved back in and now you feel so wrong.
It all felt wrong.
So what when my truck breaks down?
Do I stay or do I skip to other towns?
Living in my truck again.
Track Name: What else are hotels for?
Hey Girl I think you're one step ahead now
Hey person I think you took a bus instead
of staying while I'm waiting by the bed now
Not saying where I'd rather be instead

And for the second time this week I've had to masturbate in bathrooms
and for the second time this week you know those bathrooms weren't mine
And for the seventh time this week I've had to wait up like I used to
and for the seventh time this week I think it's just stagnant time.

Hey Chica I guess I saw you in the mountain
Hey person I guess we made out in that church.
Ancient ruins, but the damage wasn't permanent
because you went ahead and caught that bus a day ahead of mine.

For the third time.
Track Name: Leave Here
I'm gonna leave here - disrupt the order
There's been a power surge at that god forsaken border
I see the light house, watch it burning stronger
Have to look to it for coast line no longer

Sorrow in my cheeks, feel them burning hotter
Gonna leave this knotted gut head for the water
It'll be the death of me - slight inclination
I'll stand and stare down, retract that information.

Gonna burn the bridge, gonna saw the ropes
forget about it. I'll have to learn to cope.
Track Name: Only Sad in Theory
I'll learn to cope.